photo from Splashnology

            Often a key component in video game designing, Parallax is gaining more popularity in the web design world. Often implemented through a website’s CSS or a jQuery plug-in, Parallax is a scrolling feature that has been an amazing addition to websites that strive to have an interactive environment for its customers. It is composed of various layers of images, and each layer moves at a different speed. This video from YouTube best depicts the surreal abilities of this seemingly 2D/3D feature

Nike’s Better World

            The creator of Parallax scrolling is unknown but the list of innovators contributing is growing. Animator Walt Disney utilized a multi-plane camera platform around the 1930s and 1940s. The progression took a huge leap in color and advanced movement in the 1980s with the introduction of mind-blowing (at the time) video games. But now, Parallax scrolling has evolved into the features found in Nike’s “Better World” website. Nike uses Parallax to show how a certain line of their products “don’t kick Nature’s butt”. Grab & Go’s website uses Parallax scrolling to give their “on the go” food movement on the screen … and also to make your stomach growl. Websites like Tutsplus houses basic tutors on how to implement Parallax scrolling into gaming and websites.

Part of Coca-Cola’s Adobe Flash slide show

          Food and beverage companies like Coca-Cola would be an awesome platform for Parallax scrolling. From the pouring of Coke out of one of their classic glass bottles to experiencing their signature polar bears skating across a bed of ice with the stars and mountains moving in the distance, Coca-Cola has always explored various ways of marketing their products in innovative ways. This beverage giant could move from the static Adobe Flash images to a better way of expressing the way Coke products make their customers feel by implementing Parallax scrolling.


          As web designers continue to challenge themselves through digital imagery, the viewer becomes equally responsible by diving into the deepest corners of their imagination. Parallax scrolling seems simple when skimming through its definition, but the visual depth of this design technique is not to be taken lightly. This explains why some haven’t caught on to its expressional majesty.
By Bianca M. Bailey @ B Culture Media